About Me

About Me:
My name is Anwar Almutairi from Kuwait.
I'm a Kuwaiti freelance Graphic Designer specialize in Branding, Packaging, Typography, Illustrator and Editorial Design.
I love what I do, I do what I love, and I’m always challenging myself. This website is a showcase of my passionate designs, I hope you will enjoy what you see.
Course Experience:
Design Studio, Professional Practice, Digital Production, Digital Imaging, Technical Drawing, Digital Painting, Drawing, illustration, Typography, Arabic Calligraphy, Items & Food Photography, and Web design.
Creative Skills:
My creative capabilities encompass full color print production, printing and publication design, typography in (Arabic & English), advertisement design, web site concept & design, editorial design, layout design, logo design, digital collage design, illustration, drawing, digital painting (by Wacom Intuos), 2D and 3D design and photography.
Feel free to contact me:

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