Vitangle Health Drink


Branding & Packaging design for a premium health drink Slazenger is a British sports brand with over 100 years heritage. Slazenger would like to introduce a range of drinks to their portfolio of products. The Brief Create and design a (Name, Logo & Packaging), for a premium sports healthy drink with strong concepts. It was a challenging project at my college (Box Hill Collage of Kuwait). About The product is a healthy drink. It’s not only a refreshing, tasty drink, but it also comes to beat all the energy drink and it is considered as a replacement for the energy drinks but with healthy ingredients. It also contains the healthy ingredients to keep the energy levels flowing; the body hydrated and is a rich source of Vitamin C, E and B! Target Audience The target audience is both gender, age averages between 18-40. Most of them are athletes who love sports and being healthy and active at the same time. Also, it targets the people who cars of their health and looking to be healthier by having vitamin supplements. Vitangle target all people who want to be powerful and full of energy, but avoiding all power drinks, which contain artificial energy support supplements and health harmful ingredients. The product is consisting: (3) Main vitamins C, D and B. (3) Feed the body, mind, and soul. (3) Flavors, first citrus to for the muscles and bones. Second, mix berries to immune system. Third, pomegranate and raspberry for blood circulation. Concept The product name is Vitangle. Vitangle name is a name composed of two words vitamin and triangule. I have been chosen triangle because it’s basic shape of the 3 angles, which acted as a perfect metaphor for my 3 main vitamins. Feed the body, mind, and soul, and 3 flavors.

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